Three Vegan Family Recipes

Get these three vegan family recipes, from my family to yours!


Growing up in an Italian household, food–especially at holidays–was always one of the centers of our home life. I have many fond memories of my Dad creating amazing meals for the family. My Mom meanwhile would create the most delicious desserts when she wasn’t helping my Dad cook. Back then the concept of being vegan, much less making any vegan family recipes, was pretty foreign, but the tradition of appreciating great food started early in my life.

Little did I realize how lucky I was that my parents wanted us to grow up on homemade food cooked with love. I keep my cooking simple these days as I’m often pressed for time, but oh what I wouldn’t give to go back to the Sunday dinners we used to have around a big feast of pasta and homemade sauce!

When I went vegan as an adult I held onto my favorite recipes from my parents that were already vegan but just not known for that. For example, my dad would make a big batch of his marinara sauce on a Sunday afternoon and we would feast on pasta with his delicious homemade sauce. It was naturally vegan, as are many traditional ethnic dishes.

What Vegan Family Recipes Do You Get?

In this booklet, I’ve chosen two of my favorite family recipes from my parents to share with you, plus one of my own. I hope when you make these that you feel some of the love and tradition that I grew up with, and that you too share these foods in good health!


  • Uncle Joe’s Marinara Sauce
  • Aunt Re’s Thai Lentils
  • Pamela’s Breakfast Smoothie — based upon Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen

Watch my video about my Dr. Greger-inspired smoothie!