One of my family’s favorite vacation spots is Hilton Head Island. We would vacation there regularly in my adult years, bringing as many members of the family together as possible and staying in a large, well-equipped home for the week. Read more

Welcome to my winter favorites episode! Wintertime is cold and most indoors are dry this time of year, so what better time to bring you my favorite things to keep you warm, hydrated and beautiful — all with products that don’t harm animals.

Where can men find stylish, high quality vegan friendly clothing?

“Hey Pamela! Can you help me out? I am looking to buy some men’s shoes. I want to buy vegan friendly shoes, but they have to be smart-looking dress shoes I can wear to work. You know, really nice and good looking, they can’t be “crunchy” if you know what I mean! Oh, and they need to be good quality. Where can I find good looking, good quality, vegan men’s fashion shoes?”

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Should you “fudge facts” if the end goal is worthy? Plus giveaway winners!

Today I announce the winners of the mini giveaway I did with Hampton Creek! Specifically, I answer questions that viewers asked during the giveaway and get into some deep topics, like… Is it ever justifiable to “fudge facts” if the end goal is a worthy one? And… What flavors of NadaMoo! ice cream are available at Whole Foods? 😀

I also talk about my goals for my YouTube channel, in addition to other topics.

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I have something a little different for you today! Rather than do a review I thought I’d show you three ways to put together an outfit with a black Matt & Nat handbag.
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