One of my family’s favorite vacation spots is Hilton Head Island. We would vacation there regularly in my adult years, bringing as many members of the family together as possible and staying in a large, well-equipped home for the week. Since I moved to Atlanta I wasn’t able to join every trip, but I made it whenever I could. I have many fond memories of our vacations there–taking an early morning power walk and coming back drenched from the humidity, getting just close enough (but not too close!) to spot the alligators in a private lake behind the house. Going out on paddle boats, dining on great food, and of course, the shopping! My mom, my aunt and I would head into town and take an afternoon to peruse the shops of Hilton Head at least once, sometimes twice per trip. We would never overdo nor would we overspend, but we did love to find the beautiful things that these small boutique shops had in store for us!

One shopping trip in particular yielded a preppy but cool spaghetti strap dress in green and magenta madras pattern. The company that makes it is Cape Madras and you can still find skirts and shorts on their website in this fabric. Although I haven’t found the dress online anywhere, there are similar items you can find if you want to get this look.

spring cruelty free outfit of the day - madras dress

I saw this dress on the rack in one of those cute boutiques on Hilton Head and I remember when I tried it on, my aunt and mom both said it looked like it was made for me. “Say no more,” I thought. “I’ll take it!” And I’ve been enjoying it ever since.

The hat I’m wearing with this dress was an unexpected surprise at a small gardening shop in Historic Norcross, right outside of Atlanta. I like to head up to the historic town center to poke my head in the shops and just generally spend a quiet afternoon strolling around. I wasn’t looking for a hat, but this one was hanging next to several other gardening hats, and it caught my eye. It was the only one with more of a “city style” to it, plus it is SPF 50! Here in Atlanta, the SPF factor alone makes it more than worth the price! I’ve never worn it gardening but I have put it to very good use as a chic looking accessory for spring and summer outfits.

Zoe hat by Tula SPF 50



I’ve been searching high and low for where to find a similar bamboo purse as the one I have, but so far no luck. I am keeping my eyes open for a similar option however! This must be the only purse in the world that doesn’t have a label inside! Ah well, first world problems, right?

Moving on to the shoes, Italian Shoemakers is a brand I discovered while looking for some comfy, “running errands” kinds of shoes at DSW a couple years back. I thought the shoes were super cute, and all of the ones I looked at were all vegan materials. I see tons of cute shoes around but of course I don’t wear leather so I’m always on the lookout for stylish shoes that are well made and animal-friendly. The shoes I found from Italian Shoemakers fit well and at a price point in the $30’s, I thought they were a great buy. The exact shoe I own is no longer available, but this style is very similar (they are very comfy):



I hope you love this springtime outfit of the day as much as I do! I will always wear that dress and remember great times with my family in Hilton Head.

What are some of your favorite vacation spots? And what beautiful, vegan fashions have you found there? Let me know in the comments!