For 30 consecutive days I and my good friend Jacki put ourselves through Rejection Therapy. We went out into the world and sought rejection–from friends, strangers, and everyone in between…



Have you ever felt like you just don’t get enough disappointment in your life? Maybe you’re thinking that you need more heart-pounding, thought-erasing fear to change things up a little? I can’t say I crave more of those things, but for 30 consecutive days I went out into the world and sought rejection–from friends, strangers, and everyone in between.

But Pamela…why?

You might know I am an actress in addition to other things. And trying to make it even small time as an actress mean I get rejected for roles. A lot. It’s not just me, that level of rejection comes with the territory in the entertainment biz. Hearing “No” is never an easy thing, and still, we’re always sticking our necks out for the craft that we love! So the problem becomes: how to make getting rejected an experience that doesn’t feel like a kick in the gut every time, but instead could actually help us succeed? Solution: Rejection Therapy!

Even the most well-known business gurus say that in order to succeed, you have to fail and fail again. I wanted to conquer my fear of rejection and turn it into a motivation on the road to success. Did it work? Yes, I think at the time it definitely helped me face auditions with more dignity than previously. On the other hand, this seems to be something you need to keep doing in order to maintain your immunity to rejection, and well, I haven’t kept it up.
I may yet do another round of Rejection Therapy, but if you want to read what my experience was like the first time, I blogged about my efforts. So, head over to Rejection Bootcamp and find out for yourself! To find out more about Rejection Therapy from its inventor, check it out here.