I go through life looking for critters to save. I’ve always been involved in animal rescue, even if only to transport needy animals from one place to the next. I’ve rescued dogs, cats, a seagull, a salamander, many slugs on the sidewalk, spiders, you name it. I even take cockroaches outside – properly enclosed in a cup with lid, of course. Here are some images of the beings large and small I’ve been lucky enough to encounter. Some are still with me as family members.

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For 30 consecutive days I and my good friend Jacki put ourselves through Rejection Therapy. We went out into the world and sought rejection–from friends, strangers, and everyone in between… Read more

Watch my audition reel or some clips from my appearances on The Lumber Baron of Jasper County web series! Enjoy this riveting material and don’t say I never gave you anything. Read more