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The perfect vegan gloss?

I collect lip gloss like there is no tomorrow, and this e.l.f. vegan lip gloss is no exception! One might say I’m addicted. Here’s my problem: I have small lips and I’m always looking for the perfect shade to make them appear a little larger, a little poutier. I’m looking into options to make my lips fuller permanently, but I’m wary of looking like a duck on the other side, so while I research my best options, it’s sleight of hand all the way!

In the beginning

I remember when e.l.f. cosmetics first came out and everything was $1, no matter the item. And you could only buy from their website back then. Nowadays it’s easy to find these lip glosses in any Target or on Amazon, and most places have a generous return policy if you decide a particular shade just isn’t for you.

Why I love e.l.f. vegan lip gloss

I love e.l.f. vegan lip gloss because the products are–obviously–all vegan-friendly (the most important reason) and they are very good quality for the price, as with all of e.l.f.’s products. Their lip products come in a wide variety of shades that flatter my un-luscious lips. Oh, and of course they’re budget-friendly! I’m thrilled that good quality, vegan cosmetics are now widely available, it really warms my heart that vegan cosmetics have come into the mainstream.

Do you collect lip gloss like I do? If so, what are your favorite brands? If there are any you’d like me to review, just send me a note and I’ll look into the products!

Color: Baby Lips

  • To activate twist pen 10-20 times or until color is seen.
  • Layer on color. Reapply anytime.

For more ideas check out my vegan makeup tutorial!


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