Endometriosis and Vegan Diet

Ciao amici buoni! Have a seat and grab a cup of coffee, because we’re going to get deep today. I am going to share some personal details about my life: specifically, my experience with endometriosis and vegan diet. A video on the same subject by YouTuber Mic the Vegan inspired this (long) post. The video is called “1 in 10 Women Have the Missed Disease” and it’s about how a going on a plant-based diet can affect endometriosis.

I like watching Mic’s videos partly for his snarky sense of humor but mostly because they are heavily research-based and well thought out. I never doubt that Mic has gathered the requisite evidence to support the information he covers in his videos. Had it not been for watching his Missed Disease video, I probably wouldn’t have thought to share my experience. You see, I’ve never declared it publicly, but I have endometriosis…