Endometriosis and Vegan Diet: My Story

endometriosis and vegan diet

Ciao amici buoni! Have a seat and grab a cup of coffee, because we’re going to get deep today. I am going to share some personal details about my life: specifically, my experience with endometriosis and vegan diet. A video on the same subject by YouTuber Mic the Vegan inspired this (long) post. The video […]


Spring Outfit of the Day, From Hilton Head With Love

spring outfit of the day vegan

One of my family’s favorite vacation spots is Hilton Head Island. We would vacation there regularly in my adult years, bringing as many members of the family together as possible and staying in a large, well-equipped home for the week. Read more


The Best Vegan Chocolate Bar

If you are a chocolate lover you are going to want to try this vegan chocolate bar from TCHO! It is a wonderful dark chocolate bar and ironically I don’t usually go for dark chocolate. I find it bitter and I don’t like the taste of most of the dark chocolates I have tried in the past. Nutritional experts tell us we should include some dark chocolate in our diet as it contains antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients. Still, in spite of really trying, I’ve just never gotten into it. I have tried other vegan chocolate bar brands and I do like some, but not enough to buy again much less recommend….until now!

TCHO almond and sea salt vegan chocolate barThe best vegan chocolate bar

First, TCHO has not paid me for this review nor has the company sent me anything. (although I wish they would! haha) I’m sharing with you this vegan chocolate discovery in hopes you’ll try this brand. This particular bar contains almonds and sea salt. Yummmm… I found it by accident while shopping at Whole Foods one day. An employee at the store saw me pick it up and examine the ingredients, then asked me if I had ever tried it. I said no and he replied “You’ve got to get it. It’s really delicious!!” Now, I’m sure many Whole Foods employees have seen me pick up many items but none have gone out of their way to tell me I really should try something. So I took his recommendation and brought it home, and now I have to say I agree with him!

What makes this bar better?

This vegan chocolate bar is really delicious! It is sweet and a little salty but most important for me– it’s smooth. Now it still does have some of that bitterness that dark chocolate has—it is dark chocolate after all. But, it doesn’t taste as bitter as almost every other dark chocolate I’ve tried. The mild sweetness of the almonds and the sea salt really balance out the flavors. But I think the best part about this bar is that it’s made with organic chocolate. It’s also fair trade certified. Those are important things to me and I know if you’re vegan, eco-conscious and “socially aware” then you will appreciate those things too.

If you’re looking for an organic dark chocolate bar that is vegan, fair trade and delicious, I definitely recommend trying this out. I looked on Amazon to see if it is sold on there and this bar is offered in a bulk pack of 12 which will cost about $52 and some change. Since that is a big chunk of change and you’re not likely to buy that quantity (but I’m not judging if you do!) I thought this dark chocolate sampler from TCHO would be a great introduction to the brand.

Vegan Chocolate Bar Sampler from TCHO

Buy vegan chocolate bar sampler on Amazon

All of the dark chocolates in this sampler are vegan. Try them and then come back and let me know what you think! Enjoy this chocolatey goodness!


Winter Favorites – Check out these vegan faves to keep you cozy all winter!

Winter Favorites

Winter Favorites — Pamela’s Vegan Animal Friendly Picks

Welcome to my winter favorites episode! Wintertime is cold and most indoors are dry this time of year, so what better time to bring you my favorite things to keep you warm, hydrated and beautiful — all with products that don’t harm animals.

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Men’s Fashion Roundup: Vegan, Stylish Gentlemen

vegan men's fashion

Where can men find stylish, high quality vegan friendly clothing?

“Hey Pamela! Can you help me out? I am looking to buy some men’s shoes. I want to buy vegan friendly shoes, but they have to be smart-looking dress shoes I can wear to work. You know, really nice and good looking, they can’t be “crunchy” if you know what I mean! Oh, and they need to be good quality. Where can I find good looking, good quality, vegan men’s fashion shoes?”

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What Am I Passionate About?

Pamela and family

I was challenged to vlog about what moves me. Here’s my answer.

I am a big fan of London Real. If you don’t know about this show/community/way of life, I highly recommend checking them out. Brian, the host of London Real, interviews fascinating guests from all over the world and all walks of life. Each guest is highly accomplished in his or her own field. Over the years Brian has grown London Real from a simple web show recorded over Skype, to a global community of entrepreneurs that attracts such distinguished guests as Neil deGrasse Tyson and Gary Vaynerchuk.
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Should You Fudge Facts? Plus Giveaway Winners!

Giveaway winners

Should you “fudge facts” if the end goal is worthy? Plus giveaway winners!

Today I announce the winners of the mini giveaway I did with Hampton Creek! Specifically, I answer questions that viewers asked during the giveaway and get into some deep topics, like… Is it ever justifiable to “fudge facts” if the end goal is a worthy one? And… What flavors of NadaMoo! ice cream are available at Whole Foods? 😀

I also talk about my goals for my YouTube channel, in addition to other topics.

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Hampton Creek giveaway

Join my very first giveaway with Hampton Creek

Hey everyone! A bit of non-acting goodness for you! I am doing a mini-giveaway with some vouchers from Hampton Creek foods (makers of some delicious plant-based foods) on my YouTube channel. It’s early in my channel’s “life” but I’m just so excited and grateful to my subscribers that I got inspired to do one. The folks at Hampton Creek sent me a bunch of vouchers for free products and $$ off after I got in touch with them, and now I want to give them to you! Read more


Matt & Nat – Three Ways to Wear a Vegan Fashion Staple

matt & nat

I have something a little different for you today! Rather than do a review I thought I’d show you three ways to put together an outfit with a black Matt & Nat handbag.
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Call Time Atlanta

Michael Kostroff

Call Time Atlanta is a web series I produce, direct and host, interviewing people in the local entertainment industry.
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